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Control of a Four-wire Hybrid Prosumer Converter for Balancing Utility Grids


The paper presents the project of the power electronic AC/DC converter operating under a multiresonant control algorithm for prosumer applications. This design allows independent control of active and reactive power for any or each phase. Both the converter and its algorithm are based on a three-phase converter of four-wire topology (AC/DC 3p-4w) with a DC bus, which couple the converter to a renewable energy source and energy storage. Further, model and simulation tests were carried out in the Matlab-SIMULINK programming environment. The results obtained indicate that operation with deep unbalances and powers of opposite signs in individual phases results in current variations (oscillations) in the DC line, which is a significant limitation, and it can be concluded that the level of asymmetry should be limited to the level acceptable to the energy storage device.

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