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Sediment thickness in the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea compared with topography and geophysical settings by GMT


The study presents an analysis of the sediment thickness compared with bathymetric and geophysical settings in the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea, Indian Ocean. It uses a combination of the high-resolution data: topographic GEBCO, satellite and marine gravity anomalies, EGM2008 geoid and GlobSed to visualize the correlation between relief, gravity and trends in continent-ocean sediment transport. The results include thematic maps and 3D model showing increased sediment thickness in the Bengal Fan (8,0 to 8,2 km) in NE direction with maximum in Ganges Fan (16,2 km), and southward decrease in the Andaman Sea from Irrawaddy river mouth (6-7 km) to the Strait of Malacca (1-2 km). All maps and 3D model have been plotted by Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) cartographic scripting toolset version 6.0.0.