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Conversion of the Bruker Minispec Instrumentation into the Static Magnetic Field Standard


The static magnetic field standard is part of many scientific experiments aimed at measuring the magnetic field. Often this device has to be built by oneself, if there is no possibility to buy it off the shelf. One possibility is also to convert a suitable device into a static magnetic field standard. Such a method is also described in this article. When the first experiments showed that the key parts could not be obtained under the existing conditions, it was decided to convert Bruker’s Minispec into a static magnetic field standard. Such a standard will not be completely universal, but it will accommodate many experiments, and the experience may help in the future when a more perfect standard is built. This article describes the design of the apparatus, briefly describing all the equipment, which includes many parts of the original device. The parts specific to the new construction are described in more detail. An alternative solution for frequency deviation calculation using a software quadrature detector, tested only in the form of a computer simulation, is also described.

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