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Study on Time-frequency Imaging of Ultrasonic Detection with Phase Shifted Fiber Bragg Grating Sensing


The influence of the wavelength difference between the laser source and the phase-shifted fiber Bragg grating (PS-FBG) on the intensity of the power demodulation system based on an adjustable laser source was studied experimentally, and the optimum of the output laser wavelength was determined. Then, the research on time-frequency imaging damage identification based on smooth pseudo-Wigner-Ville distribution was carried out. The Time of Flight of the acoustic wave signal was calculated and time compensation was made according to the Wigner-Ville distribution and the Lamb wave dispersion curve. The ultrasonic waves before and after damage were measured with spatially arranged PS-FBGs. The difference signals were processed in a window, and then the time-frequency energy of the normalized difference signal was imaged to assess the damage detection and location. Although the mode and group velocity of ultrasound measured by each fiber grating were different, the accurate location and identification of artificial damage in an aluminum alloy plate was realized by using only three PS-FBGs and a smooth Wigner time-frequency imaging method.

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Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, Metrology and Testing