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Alternative Approach Leading to Reduction in Measurement Instrument Uncertainty of EMI Measurement


Even in the field of electromagnetic compatibility, low measurement uncertainty means high measurement quality. Although there are standardized procedures for obtaining the uncertainty of such a measurement, which facilitate uncertainty estimation, modern approaches show further reduction possibilities. The paper presents an alternative approach to reducing measurement instrument uncertainty in the case of electromagnetic interference measurement based on many years of our experience and a large number of measurements in this field. In the paper, two different methods of uncertainty reduction are described. The first method is based on a detailed analysis of the sources of uncertainty and the subsequent division of the analyzed frequency band into more subranges. Another method uses the choice of the antenna factor, which also contains information about the test site where the measurement is carried out. In this way, despite a lengthy analysis, it is relatively easy to achieve a measurement instrument uncertainty that is below the maximum measurement uncertainty given by the CISPR standard.

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