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Evaluation of Country Bean Germplasm Collected from Patuakhali Region


The experiment was conducted at Regional Horticulture Research Station, Lebukhali, Patuakhali and were evaluated the genotypic performance like yield and yield traits of seventeen (17) country bean genotypes collected from Patuakhali region. In this area, country bean yield is very low, that why we need to identify high yielding country bean genotypes in Patuakhali region. The experiment was laid out in an augmented block design. Seventeen country bean lines viz., LPPK001 to LPPK017 and four check variety viz., BARI Sheem-1, 6, 7 and IPSA Sheem-2 were used for this trial. A lot of variability was observed such as plant height, pod length, pod breadth, pod weight, No. of pod plant−1, yield plant−1, 100 seed weight and yield. The pod length ranged from 20.4-7.62 cm, pod breadth range from 4.83-1.41 cm and pod weight ranged from 13.28-5.08g. The longest pod (20.4 cm), maximum pod breadth (4.83cm) and the premier pod weight (13.28 gm) were found in BARI Sheem 6, LPPK012 and LPPK002 respectively. The highest yield (18.73 t/ha) obtained from the line LPPK016 and minimum in the line LPPK 003 (5.43 t/ha). Among the 17 tested lines and 4 checks; 15 were green in colour, and IPSA Sheem 2 was light green, LPPK011 was purple green and LPPK001 and LPPK014 were creamy- white in colour. The wide variations in phenotypic level among the genotypes LPPK001, LPPK005, LPPK015, LPPK016, and BARI Sheem 7 can be potentially used for more production in Patuakhali region, ultimately it will increase the farmers’ incomes level.

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