The objective of this study was to standardize the formulation of honey nut drink, to assess the quality parameters like pH, brix, acidity, brix acid ratio and sensory characteristics of formulated honey nut drink under 12 days of storage at ambient temperature (32±2°C). The pH values varied from 3.5 to 3.9 during storage. The brix found in three different products ranged from 7 to 13%. The acidity possesses during the entire storage period between 0.16 to 0.32%. The brix acid ratio higher found in product 2 (59.99) and lower in product 3 (35.0) under storage. The sensory profile of three different formulation was evaluated in terms of color, flavor, taste and overall acceptability. Among the three-products formulation product 1 retained better quality followed by product 3 and product 2 considering pH, brix and acidity percentage although after increasing time of storage their value also increased. The sensory profile of product 3 found in much better score followed by the product 1 and product 2 which are significantly different (p≤0.05). In conclusion, both formulation of product 1 and product 3 could be produced in commercial purpose.

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