The subject of this paper is the analysis of the influence of laser cutting of oak wood on its drying process. The subject of the research was the comparison of the drying process and the quality of the dried wood in samples cut by classical technology (sawing) and samples cut with the use of laser. The research was carried out on two sets of samples which were subjected to an identical drying process. Continuous moisture loss and final moisture attained, moisture gradients before and after drying, and internal tensions before and after drying were monitored by means of the fork test and the cut-test. The final moisture content at the end of drying was 8.09% for the saw-cut samples and 8.22% for the laser-cut samples, a difference of only 0.13%. The analysis of the individual characteristics observed showed that the influence of the cutting technology did not have a significant effect on the drying process or the quality of the dried oak sawn timber.

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