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An integrated framework for Web-based visualisation of forest resources estimated from remote sensing data


Advanced remote sensing technologies has recently become an effective tool for monitoring of forest ecosystems. However, there is a growing need for online dissemination of geospatial data from these activities. We developed and assessed a framework which integrates (1) an algorithm for estimation of forest stand variables based on remote sensing data and (2) a web-map application for 2D and 3D visualisation of geospatial data. The performance of proposed framework was assessed in a Forest Management Unit Vígľaš (Slovakia, Central Europe) covering a total area of 12,472 ha. The mean error of remote sensing-based estimations of forest resources reached values of 16.4%, 12.1%, –26.8%, and –35.4% for the mean height, mean diameter, volume per hectare, and trees per hectare, respectively. The web-map application is stable and allows real-time visualization of digital terrain model, aerial imagery, thematic maps used in forestry or geology, and 968,217 single trees at forest management unit level.

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Life Sciences, Plant Science, Ecology, other