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Co-adaptive system of tree vegetation and wood-destroying (xylotrophic) fungi in artificial phytocoenoses, Ukraine / Systém prispôsobenia sa stromovej vegetácie a drevokazných (xylotrofných) húb v antropogénnej fytocenóze, Ukrajina


The co-adaptive system of tree vegetation and wood-destroying (xylotrophic) fungi in artificial phytocoenoses (in an old-aged, and middle- aged ash-hornbeam oakery and monocultures of Pinus L.) of Forest-Steppe zone of Ukraine was analysed from the point of selected forestry parameters. We investigated the vitality, age, phytosanitary structures of pure acerous (Pinus strobus L., P. sylvestris L.) and mixed broad-leaved stands (Carpinus betulus L., Fraxinus excelsior L., Quercus robur L., Tilia cordata Mill.) and species, systematic, trophic structures of xylotrophic fungi (39 species of macromycetes representing 32 genera, 22 families, 9 orders of 2 divisions: Ascomycota (classes Leotiomycetes and Sordariomycetes) and Basidiomycota (class Agaricomycetes)). The results showed that the species composition and the structure (vitality, phytosanitary) of artificial phytocoenoses altered both the composition of xylotrophs and the levels of the damage of tree stands caused by them.

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