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Application of methods of growing stock estimation in the forests of Slovakia between 2001–2010


The paper analyses the implementation of the growing stock estimation methods in the forests of Slovakia between the years 2001 and 2010. The analysis focuses on mature stands with primary timber production function in more detail. The share of more accurate and costly methods has been continuously decreasing; and since 1993 yield tables have become the most prevalent methods of estimation used in mature stands are. After more than 20 years of their implementation it is important to verify the accuracy of their application, the accuracy of the provided input variables and the methodology behind the growing stock estimation. The paper identifies the cases of their incorrect application, and the risks associated with the quantification of input data, and proposes the measures for their elimination. It stresses the importance of inspection of monitoring the quality of Forest Stewardship Programmes which operates as a specialised task since 2008. Since that time, a positive trend has been observed in mature stands of timber production forests in which mathematical- -statistical sampling methods are gaining on importance.

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