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Performance evaluation method of the service quality dimensions using Six Sigma metrics, the main components’ quality indicator and the geometric capacity indicator


This research aims to propose an evaluation and monitoring method with the Six Sigma performance metrics, the main component quality indicator, and the geometric capacity indicator to control service quality dimensions. The research was quantitative and evaluative. It was developed using primary historical information on the quality criteria of hotel service in twelve periods of 2019. It was possible to demonstrate that the geometric indicator was the most demanding capacity with a value of 0.91163, followed by the multivariate main components’ indicator with a value of 0.9559, establishing as a relevant finding the integrality of the three performance criteria to evaluate a service. Topics of service quality, Six Sigma metrics, multivariate main component and geometric capacity indicators were addressed as a theoretical foundation. The research provides a unique contribution in the form of an innovative and efficient continuous improvement method, which makes services more reliable and accurate. Univariate and multivariate statistics were intensively used to evaluate and improve the dimensions of a service from different perspectives. This method has not been considered from the same approach despite its great usefulness in quality control.