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The Role of Micro-Influencers in the Consumer Decision-Making Process in the Hospitality Field


The aim of this research is to understand the role played by social media influencers in consumers’ decision-making processes concerning hotels. To achieve this general objective, the following specific aims were defined: (1) to understand the profile of the micro-influencers that share user generated content (UGC) about hotels and the main networks within which they operate; to this end, a study was made by means of interviews to ascertain the profiles of 16 unpaid micro-influencers who share content about Portuguese hotels, and (2) to adopt the information acceptance model (IACM) put forward by Erkan and Evans (2016), to examine the influence of electronic word of mouth (eWOM) in social media on cosumer's behaviour intention in hotel industry, based on the profile of 166 consumers who follow these micro-influencers. Findings suggest that micro-influencers play a significant role in terms of influencing consumer purchase decision-making in the hospitality area; about 79% of surveyed consumers who follow micro-influencers’ content feel their choice is influenced and consider that the contents shared enable consumers to form an idea of what their stay will be like, due to some of the micro-influencers’ characteristics. The adoption of the IACM model demonstrates that the credibility of eWOM information positively affects the usefulness of the information. However, the quality of eWOM information, needs of eWOM information, and attitudes toward eWOM have a medium effect on the usefulness of eWOM information, but also in the attitudes toward eWOM and usefulness of eWOM in the adoption of eWOM information. The followers’ behavioural intentions are strongly explained by their attitudes toward eWOM information and adoption of eWOM information.

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