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On Dynamic Parallelization of Multilevel Monte Carlo Algorithm


MultiLevel Monte Carlo (MLMC) attracts great interest for numerical simulations of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations (SPDEs), due to its superiority over the standard Monte Carlo (MC) approach. MLMC combines in a proper manner many cheap fast simulations with few slow and expensive ones, the variance is reduced, and a significant speed up is achieved. Simulations with MC/MLMC consist of three main components: generating random fields, solving deterministic problem and reduction of the variance. Each part is subject to a different degree of parallelism. Compared to the classical MC, MLMC introduces “levels” on which the sampling is done. These levels have different computational cost, thus, efficiently utilizing the parallel resources becomes a non-trivial problem. The main focus of this paper is the parallelization of the MLMC Algorithm.

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