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Socioeconomic correlates of catfish production status in Ido Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria


Knowledge of the socioeconomic characteristics of fish farmers is crucial for increased output in fish production so as to bridge the gap between the current level of production and ever-increasing demand for fish due to its contribution to human population growth and development. The study examined the relationship between farmers’ socioeconomic characteristics and output in catfish production in Oyo State, Nigeria. A multistage sampling technique was used in the selection of 120 catfish farmers. Primary data were collected through structured questionnaire from the selected catfish farmers. The data obtained from the farmers were analysed using descriptive statistics and ordinary least square (OLS) regression. Findings revealed that majority (63.3 %) of the farmers were male, 65 % were within the active and productive age of 31 – 40 years, capable of withstanding the stress in catfish production. Majority (82.4 %) of the farmers were married with an average household size of five individuals. The fish farmers were highly educated with most (91.8 %) of them having tertiary education. Two-thirds of the farmers were members of a cooperative society out of which 52.5 % were loan beneficiaries. Most (62.5 %) of the farmers operated on a part-time basis and managed between 1 – 2 ponds with output worth below N 500,000 ($1,315.79) per production cycle. The OLS regression result revealed that fish output was significantly determined by age (p < 0.01), marital status (p < 0.05) of fish farmers, education (p < 0.05), and cooperative membership (p < 0.05). Although there were indications of economic prosperity in catfish production in the study area, efforts to promote access to education and participation in cooperative society are critical to output expansion. This will engender knowledge acquisition and sharing, promote capacity building and synergies that will advance production outputs and business performance.

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Life Sciences, Plant Science