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Structure, Causality and Price Transmission Tests in Marketing of Irvingia Seed (Ogbono) in Enugu State, Nigeria


This study examined the marketing of Irvingia seeds (ogbono) in Enugu state, Nigeria, especially as it concerns margins, structure and causality as well as price transmission tests. Primary data were collected from 180 respondents composed of 36 producers, 54 wholesalers and 90 retailers. Data were analysed with descriptive and inferential statistical tools including the Gini coefficient. Irvingia seed marketing margins were generally high, apparently due to poor socioeconomic environments of the actors. The margins were, however, on the average, lower than the producer’s share of the consumer spending. The result of the analysis also suggests a competitive market structure for Irvingia seed in the study area. Prices were determined at the production level of the chain, but producers were asymmetric in their price transmissions to the wholesale level. These observations suggest that policy intervention in the form of improving the socioeconomic environment under which marketing agents operate and facilitation of market information flow (which could reduce the asymmetric behaviour of producers) could improve Irvingia seed marketing in the study area.

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Volume Open
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Life Sciences, Plant Science