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Biochemical parameters variations with season, age, sex, parity and pregnancy in crossbred goats raised in Tiaret, Algeria


The aim of this study was to determine the influence of season, age, sex, parity and gestation status on some biochemical parameters in local cross-bred goats raised in Tiaret, Algeria. Ninety cross bred local goats, from 2019 to 2020, aged between nine and seventy-two months at different physiological stage were used. Animals belong to different farms in Tiaret located at the north-west Algeria (35°22’ N, 1°19’ E). The mean values of triglycerides, creatinine and calcium were significantly (p<0,05) higher in winter than in spring. The physiological state of the goat had a significant influence (p<0,05) on cholesterol, urea, total proteins, calcium and phosphorus, with a high average values in non-pregnant goats, while triglycerides and globulin had significant higher values in postpartum and pregnant femals, respectively. In our work, parity had a significant influence (p<0,05) on cholesterol, calcium and phosphorus, with high average values in young goats and a significant influence (p<0,05) on triglycerides and creatinine with high average values in primiparous ones. Age significantly influenced (p<0,05) cholesterol, triglycerides, total protein, calcium and globulin. The results obtained from this study could serve as reference values for the local goats and other regions or countries with similar climatic and nutritional conditions.

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