The physical properties of pure CuO and Pb doped CuO thin films, deposited on glass substrates by a sol-gel method, were investigated. Structural analysis revealed the polycrystalline nature of the pure CuO and Pb:CuO composite films with a monoclinic structure, the crystallite size decreased and ranged from 36.78 nm to around 21.5 nm. The SEM images of the CuO thin films showed that the Pb doping concentration affects the surface morphology of the Pb:CuO composites. The absorbance of the Pb:CuO composites is higher than that of the undoped CuO thin films. The optical band gap energies of undoped CuO and Pb doped CuO thin films were estimated to 1.9 (pure), 2.17(5%) and 2.74 (7%)eV, and found that the band gap energy (Eg) increases with the Pb concentration. This blue shift is due to the quantum confinement induced by the reduction in the size of the crystallites.

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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials