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Effect of Holes in Overlap on the Load Capacity of the Single-Lap Adhesive Joints Made of EN AW-2024-T3 Aluminium Alloy


The paper presents the results of experimental research aimed at determining the possibilities of strengthening structural adhesive joints. Techniques to improve the strength of adhesive joints was to make holes in the front part of the adherends in order to make the joint locally more flexible in the area of stress concentration at the joint edges. The tests were carried out for the lap joints of EN AW-2024-T3 aluminum alloy sheets, which were bonded with Loctite EA3430 epoxy adhesive. Static tests were carried out on the basis of the tensile/shear test. It has been shown that the applied structural modifications allow for an increase in the strength of the joint, in the best variant, an increase in strength of 14.5% was obtained. In addition, it has been shown that making holes in the adherends allows to reduce the spread of strength results.

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