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Orbital TIG Welding of Titanium Tubes with Perforated Bottom Made of Titanium-Clad Steel


The article presents problems accompanying the industrial TIG welding (142) of a heat exchanger perforated bottom made of steel clad with titanium B265 grade 1 with tubes made of titanium B338 grade 2. Research-related tests involved the making of test plates containing simulated imperfections formed during orbital welding. The above-named imperfections resulted from insufficient gas shielding during the welding process, the improper positioning of the tungsten electrode (excessively large or overly small circumference, around which the orbital welding process was performed), an excessive electrode travel rate being the consequence of an improperly set welding programme as well as excessively high welding current. Initial tests enabled the development of the orbital TIG welding of titanium tubes with the perforated bottom made of titanium-clad steel, satisfying acceptance criteria applied during commissioning.

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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials