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Impact Tests of UHSS Steel Welded Joints Using the Drop - Tower Impact Drop Method


The article characterizes the impact test method using Drop-Tower Impact Test with the registration of the value of force and energy of breaking. Based on sources, the possibilities and scope of the current application of this method were determined and the current state of knowledge on the results of these tests was reviewed. In order to determine the possibility of using the method in impact tests of high strength steel joints, investigations of hybrid PTA - GMA welding conditions on impact strength of joints of MART S1300QL steel were carried out. In particular, the influence of t8/5 cooling time on the impact strength of welded joints by the Drop - Tower Impact Test method was determined. It has been shown that the use of dropping machine with computer-based registration of breaking force and energy values was possible in the case of impact strength testing of UHSS welded joints and enabled precise analysis of the energy distribution dynamics absorbed by the tested.

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4 veces al año
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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials