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Pareto Optimal Multi-Objective Optimization of Antiwear Tialn/Tin/Cr Coatings


The multi-objective optimization procedure of geometry of TiAlN/TiN/Cr multilayer coatings was created. The procedure was applied to the multilayer coatings subjected to constant tangential and normal loads (Hertzian contact). In physical model Cr, TiN and TiAlN layers were treated as a continuous medium, thus in mathematical description of the stress and strain states in the coatings a classical theory of stiffness was used. Decisional variables used in procedure were thicknesses of Cr, TiN and TiAlN layers and decisional criteria were functions of the stress and strain fields in the coating and substrate. Using created optimization procedure, Pareto set of optimal values of layers' thicknesses were determined. Additionally, two methods of analysis of Pareto-optimal set were introduced and discussed.

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4 veces al año
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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials