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Anemic Domain Model vs Rich Domain Model to Improve the Two-Hemisphere Model-Driven Approach


Evolution of software development process and increasing complexity of software systems calls for developers to pay great attention to the evolution of CASE tools for software development. This, in turn, causes explosion for appearance of a new wave (or new generation) of such CASE tools. The authors of the paper have been working on the development of the so-called two-hemisphere model-driven approach and its supporting BrainTool for the past 10 years. This paper is a step forward in the research on the ability to use the two-hemisphere model driven approach for system modelling at the problem domain level and to generate UML diagrams and software code from the two-hemisphere model. The paper discusses the usage of anemic domain model instead of rich domain model and offers the main principle of transformation of the two-hemisphere model into the first one.

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Computer Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Project Management, Software Development