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Determination of Vibrational Displacement Measurement Error Based on the Blurring Analysis of a Round Mark Image


The relevance and nature of a new technology for measurement of vibrational displacement of a material point through normal toward the object plane are stated in the article. This technology provides registration and processing of images of a round mark or a matrix of round marks, which are applied to the surface of a control object. A measuring signal here is the module of radius increment of the round mark image at vibrational blurring of this image. The method for calculation of the given error of measurements, as a function of a number of pixels of the round mark image, has been developed and proven in the present research. The results of pilot studies are given. Linearity of transformation of the measured size into a measuring signal has been proven. The conditions of a technical compromise between the field of view area of a recording device during distribution measurement of vibrational displacements along the surface of a control object, and the accuracy of this measurement are determined. The results are illustrated with numerical examples of calculations of the given error of measurements in the set field of view and the one at the given maximum set error of measurements.

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