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Identification of Suitable Meloidogyne spp. Housekeeping Genes


Gene expression studies often require reliable housekeeping (HK) genes to accurately capture gene expression levels under given conditions. This is especially true for root-knot nematodes (RKN, Meloidogyne spp.), whose drastic developmental changes are strongly dependent upon their environment. Here we utilized a publicly available M. hapla RNAseq database to identify putative HK genes throughout the nematode lifecycle. We then validated these candidate HK genes on M. incognita in order to develop a small library of suitable HK genes for RKN. Seven putative HK genes were selected for validation based on high expression level and ease of primer design. The expression of these genes was quantified by qPCR at different developmental stages to capture the entire life cycle of M. incognita which included eggs and naive infective juveniles through 3-wk post inoculation. Two algorithms, geNorm and Normfinder, identified three genes (Disu, Poly, and Skinase) constitutively and uniformly expressed throughout the entire life cycle of RKN. We believe these genes are superior HK genes suitable to be used as internal reference genes at all stages of RKN. Importantly, while we identified Actin, a commonly used HK gene, as a candidate gene within our RNAseq analyses, our qPCR results did not demonstrate stable expression throughout the nematode life cycle of this gene. This study successfully validated suitable HK genes utilizing both RNAseq data and standard qPCR methods across two species of RKN; suitable HK genes are likely applicable to other species of RKN, or even plant-parasitic nematodes. Additional lists of potential HK genes are also provided if the nematode of interest does not have homologues of the three superior reference genes described here. Gene expression studies on RKN should use validated HK genes to ensure accurate representation of transcript abundance.

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