Introduction: SAPHO syndrome is a heterogeneous disease of unknown pathogenesis characterized by osteoarthritis and concomitance of skin lesions. The most common sites of lesions are sterno-clavicular joints and sterno-costal joints. Skin symptoms include palmoplantar pustulosis and acne lesions. The disease can occur in any age group, the spectrum of symptoms is broad and characterized by different dynamics of changes.

Cases report: The paper presents cases of SAPHO syndrome and diagnostic difficulties connected with it from case reports of two pediatric patients aged 10 and 8 years admitted to the hospital due to pain of the sternocostoclavicular region. Differential diagnoses included oncological, hematological, infectious, orthopedic, immunological and rheumatological diseases.

Diagnostic imaging showed characteristic changes in the affected regions. The disease process corresponded to SAPHO syndrome. Follow up visits by the patients are presented to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment, including magnetic resonance imaging and computer tomography.

Conclusions: The presented cases indicate attention to the possible course of SAPHO syndrome. It is an interdisciplinary disease, which should not be forgotten as one of differential diagnosis of patients in each age group. Early confirmation of the diagnosis allows the use of appropriate treatment and avoidance of unnecessary diagnostic procedures.

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