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The relationship between the frequency of physical and sports activities and the body image


This research aims at highlighting the level of body image perception in Babeş-Bolyai University students in Cluj-Napoca depending on the frequency of practicing physical activities. For this study, 465 questionnaires were applied to students from 13 faculties. The respondents' age was between 18 and 40 years old, most of them ages 19-21. For the statistical data processing, the statistical analysis program SPSS 20 was used and the graphical representations were made using the Microsoft EXCELL 2007 version. To quantify the body image, we used the modified Offer Scale [4]: I kept the first 4 items from the original 5-item scale. The value of the coefficient F = 3,292 at a significance threshold p = 0.038 shows that there is a significant difference between the average scores of body perception based on the frequent or rare of the practicing of physical and sports activities. Reported to the entire sample, it follows that more frequent sports activities determine a more positive body image.

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