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Women as Emotional Entities in the Hospitality Sector of Mauritius. A Case Study


Emotions and feelings have always been part of human beings. Its use in the organisational context in order to achieve competitive advantage, that is, the management of emotions by female workers remains a matter of great debate. Hochschild through her book “The Managed Heart: Commercialisation of Human Feeling” in 1983 brought forward the concept of Emotional labour. This paper has attempted to explore areas where female workers are being employed to carry out emotional work and for this purpose a hotel in the eastern cost of Mauritius was chosen being part of the hospitality industry. The survey was conducted there so as to be able to gather quantitative information about this subject issue and a personal interview was also being carried out in order to obtain the opinions of the human resource manager on this concept as being a woman and a manager herself. A series of recommendations have been provided in order to encourage better treatment of women and make them happy employees.