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Decision support systems in Slovak forestry planning: a review / Systémy na podporu rozhodovania v lesníckom plánovaní na Slovensku: prehľad


Project COST Action FP 0804 - FORSYS summarizes European experiences in developing and applying decision support systems for forest management. This paper introduces FORSYS methodology for the classification of current forest management problems and for the description of existing decision support systems. The paper identifies the general forestry planning problems that need to be solved in Slovakia, lists the DSS tools available in Slovakia and evaluate their ability for addressing the identified problems. Finally, the research needs and gaps in this field were identified. A comparison of the situation regarding decision support in Slovakia and both in Europe and neighbouring countries (Austria, Hungary) is introduced in order to justify the identified needs. The paper is focused on the overview of models, methods and knowledge management techniques which are available in Slovakia now. We found out that the Slovak decision support research follows the state in Europe with a significant time delay and a lack of adequate instruments for addressing the contemporary planning problems exists. Consequently, there is a strong need for the development and application of computer-based tools to support decision-making problems in forest management.

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