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A Game Theory Based Model for Internet Public Opinion’s Embryonic Stage

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Cybernetics and Information Technologies
Special issue with selection of extended papers from 6th International Conference on Logistic, Informatics and Service Science LISS’2016


The development of internet public opinion presents a certain ecological characteristics. According to the different characteristics, this paper divides internet public opinion into five stages. This paper focuses on the first stage in internet public opinion, from the perspective of qualitative and quantitative analysis, to have a definition of embryonic stage, characteristics, as well as composition. Then this paper analyzes the causes of the formation mechanism in internet public opinion’s embryonic stage with the method of game theory. After that, the concepts of hot source factors are introduced to construct the conceptual model of embryonic stage in internet public opinion. Finally, aiming at different types of hot source factors (internet public opinion events), we put forward the effective means to guide and control the development of embryonic stage.

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4 veces al año
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Computer Sciences, Information Technology