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Research on the Novel Method of Edge Detection Based on the Isotropic Diffusion Model and Total Variation Model

   | 20 oct 2016
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Cybernetics and Information Technologies
Issue Title: Special Issue on Application of Advanced Computing and Simulation in Information Systems


A novel model of image segmentation based on watershed method is proposed in this work. To prevent the over segmentation of traditional watershed, our proposed algorithm has five stages. Firstly, the morphological reconstruction is applied to smooth the flat area and preserve the edge of the image. Secondly, multiscale morphological gradient is used to avoid the thickening and merging of the edges. Thirdly, for contrast enhancement the top/bottom hat transformation is used. Fourthly, the morphological gradient of an image is modified by imposing regional minima at the location of both the internal and the external markers. Finally, a weighted function is used to combine the top/bottom hat transformation algorithm and the markers algorithm to get the algorithm. The experimental results show the superiority of the new algorithm in terms of suppression over segmentation.

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4 veces al año
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Computer Sciences, Information Technology