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On the Track of the Szekler Village Tízes The Model-Like Potential of the Szekler Village Tízes on the Eve of the 21st Century

   | 09 feb 2018


The object of this study is the existence of the village tízes (organization in structures by ten) as space-specific elements in Szeklerland and the social problems at the turn of the centuries (involving the population, the community, the culture, and the economy). The study is the result of a historical-geographical survey of the cultural space in Szeklerland within a larger research. The main purpose is to make an attempt to form a historical, system-based perspective, make people aware of the material and spiritual value of the Szekler tízes as well as contribute to the subsistence of the tízes and the reinterpretation of the notion of value in the 21st century, using my own means and modalities. The subsistence of the Szekler village tízes is not required by the subsistence or restoration of the romantic, spiritual goods or the community organization but by the necessities of the entire community.

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Social Sciences, Political Science, other, Domestic Policy, Parties, Other Political Organizations, International Relations, Human Rights