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Oxidation Activation Energy of Titanium Alloy Based on TiAl(γ) Intermetalic Phase

   | 28 jul 2018


The present paper deals with the analysis of the course of oxidation of the cyclic Ti-46Al-7Nb-0.7Cr-0.1Si-0.2Ni alloy in a hot air atmosphere in the temperature range of 875-975°C. The constant rates of the oxidation were determined (separately for the first and second stages of oxidation) and the energy of oxidation activation of the tested alloy was established. It was discovered that the oxidation process of the Ti-46Al-7Nb-0,7Cr-0.1Si-0.2Ni alloy develops according to the parabolic correlation, and it is only possible to determine the apparent energy of oxidation activation.

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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials