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Polyamide 1010/Polythioamide Blend Reinforced with Graphene Nanoplatelet for Automotive Part Application

   | 25 oct 2017


Novel polythioamide (PTA) was prepared and blended with polyamide 1010 (PA1010). Based on morphology, molecular weight, polydispersity index, thermal, and shear stress behavior, PA1010/PTA (90:10) blend was opted as matrix for graphene nanoplatelet (GNP) reinforcement. Inclusion of functional GNP resulted in crumpled gyroid morphology. T0 (502°C) of PA1010/PTA/GNP was increased by 145°C than unfilled blend (357°C). Limiting oxygen index measurement indicated better non-flammability of PA1010/PTA/GNP1-3 nanocomposites (53-55%) relative to PA1010/PTA1-3 (41-48%). PA1010/PTA/GNP1-3 also attained V-0 rating in UL94. Furthermore, PA1010/PTA/GNP3 nanocomposite revealed optimum tensile strength (40 MPa), impact strength (1.9 MPa), and flexural modulus (1373 MPa) to manufacture automotive part.

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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials