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Assessment of Data Security Implementation in the Supply Chain Enterprises in Latvia


The importance of data security in the supply chain has increased in the last few years. The study identifies recent trends and shortcomings in data security, assessing enterprises operating in Latvia’s transport and storage industry. The research aims to study and identify the current trends in data security in the Transport and Storage industry to develop recommendations for improving data security in the supply chain. The research focuses on studying data security in the supply chain in Latvia. The theoretical literature review was used to learn the main aspects of the supply chain concept and the data security measures applied. Statistical and content analysis shows the industry’s primary data security trends and issues. The results of the research concluded that in Latvia, enterprises providing supply chain operations are focusing on something other than mandatory education about the data security of their employees; thus, they need to apply sophisticated measures to protect data through all supply chain processes.

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Volume Open
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Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Volkswirtschaft, andere, Betriebswirtschaft, Mathematik und Statistik für Ökonomen, Mathematik, Statistik