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The Importance of Continuous Multimodal Therapy in Children with ADHD (Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder) - A Case Study


In this century, the environmental factors influence our health excessively; that is why we become more agitated, always in a hurry, and more tired. We live without knowing it in a century of speed, and the children who come after us present abilities that are more and more evolved. We hear more and more around us parents who complain about their children's hard to control behavior; kindergarten and primary school teachers who are exasperated by the children's lack of focus and control. The consequences are the punishment of the child, and sometimes even his/her exclusion from the group. Very few people know that this kind of child cannot control his/her behavior, encountering difficulties regarding the focus of his/her attention on one single activity, even if related to play. On these aspects we can act with the help of multimodal therapy, so that we can help the child overcome the behavioral and psycho-motor obstacles encountered during growth. The aim of multimodal therapy is to act multilaterally on the subject so that at the end, the result to be favorable both for the child and parents, and for the specialists.

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