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Challenges in training and its assessment: a survey of ob-gyn trainees in the University of Turku, Finland


Background: This survey evaluates how the goals in Ob-Gyn training are fulfilled in the University of Turku, Finland. The purpose was to assess the achieved quantity of Ob-Gyn interventions and procedures.

Methods: The figures in the EBCOG-logbook of 10 specialized trainees in 2006 and 2009 were collected and analysed.

Results: Based on this survey, the minimum requirements are fulfilled more effectively in obstetrics compared to gynaecology. There is an imbalance between EBCOG theoretical demands and the practical performance of these trainees because of the limited possibilities to perform traditional operations as much as needed.

Conclusions: The gynaecological aspects in training need more resources and new activities. Subsequently, there is a need to update the EBCOG-logbook, especially concerning the minimum requirements of procedures. All the trainers, as well as national and European organisations like EBCOG, should consider these findings seriously in order to ensure the high quality of young Ob-Gyn specialists. More quality assessment, 360 degree evaluation, Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons (NOTSS) evaluation etc. are needed.

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