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Preliminary Results of Soil Respiration in Beech, Spruce and Grassy Stands


Soil respiration constitutes the second largest flux of carbon between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere. This study provides the preliminary results of soil respiration (Rs) observations in three different stands, including two types of young forest stands (beech and spruce) and grassy clearings. The average values of Rs ranged from 0.92 to 15.20 μmol CO2 m-2 s-1 in the beech stand, from 1.14 to 11.26 μmol CO2 m-2 s-1 in the spruce stand and from 0.96 to 12.92 μmol CO2 m-2 s-1 in the grassy stand, respectively during the whole measuring period. Maximum rates of Rs were observed on all stands at the beginning of August and minimum rates of Rs at the beginning of November. Soil CO2 efflux exhibited a clear seasonality for all measured stands. Seasonal fluctuations of soil respiration for all stands are closely related to changes in soil temperature and soil moisture.

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