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Allergic Reactions as a Defense of the Organism to the Influence of Implants Components Made of Stainless Steel


Due to the increasing number of cases of hypersensitivity caused by direct contact with metals, as well as the increasing demand for implants in humans all ages numerous studies on the effects of the impact of implant components are being carried out. The paper presents the phenomenon of etiology of allergy in general terms and in relation to the biomaterials used in medicine. There have been characterized in terms of impact on the body, metallic biomaterials, such as: stainless steels, cobalt based alloys, titanium and its alloys, shape memory alloys and other materials for medical applications (ceramics, plastics, carbon and composite materials), with respect to their reaction in contact with human tissue. The article presents the research included in the MPh of the author, performed on stainless steel.

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