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Uncertainty Estimation for the Determination of Ni, Pb and Al in Natural Water Samples by SPE-ICP-OES


In this paper we propose uncertainty estimation for the analytical results we obtained from determination of Ni, Pb and Al by solidphase extraction and inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (SPE-ICP-OES). The procedure is based on the retention of analytes in the form of 8-hydroxyquinoline (8-HQ) complexes on a mini column of XAD-4 resin and subsequent elution with nitric acid. The influence of various analytical parameters including the amount of solid phase, pH, elution factors (concentration and volume of eluting solution), volume of sample solution, and amount of ligand on the extraction efficiency of analytes was investigated. To estimate the uncertainty of analytical result obtained, we propose assessing trueness by employing spiked sample. Two types of bias are calculated in the assessment of trueness: a proportional bias and a constant bias. We applied Nested design for calculating proportional bias and Youden method to calculate the constant bias. The results we obtained for proportional bias are calculated from spiked samples. In this case, the concentration found is plotted against the concentration added and the slop of standard addition curve is an estimate of the method recovery. Estimated method of average recovery in Karaj river water is: (1.004±0.0085) for Ni, (0.999±0.010) for Pb and (0.987±0.008) for Al.

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