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Preparation of cobalt titanates via co-precipitation while using industrial intermediates as titanium precursors


This paper reports on the results of cobalt titanates preparation by calcination of green bodies obtained by a co-precipitation method. For the investigations were used: as titanium sources, acidic solutions of titanyl sulfate and hydrous titanium dioxide, originating from the production process of titanium dioxide by sulfate method. The composition of the obtained materials was determined using titration methods. The calcined powders were characterized by X-ray diffraction method. It has been found that the obtained products are composed of cobalt methatitanate CoTiO3 or cobalt orthotitanate Co2TiO4 occurring as single phases, and also as cobalt titanates and titanium dioxide phase mixtures. The proposed method of proceeding can be used for the preparation of series of transition metals titanates, such as nickel, iron, zinc, copper and also aluminium titanates.

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