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Eddy Current Techniques for Detecting Hidden Subsurface Defects in Multilayer Aircraft Structures


In-service non-destructive inspection (NDI) is a very important part of the aircraft maintenance program that minimizes aircraft breakdowns due to the fracture of critical components. The eddy current (EC) NDI method is one of the most applicable methods for this purpose, due to its high sensitivity to fatigue cracks and corrosion damage in the main structural materials. In this paper, selective double differential type EC probes characterized by the enhanced possibility of detecting subsurface cracks initiated by fatigue or stress corrosion phenomena are presented. For different applications, a family of double differential type EC probes was developed with different sizes (from 5 to 33 mm) and different spatial resolutions. These types of probes are characterized by different operational frequencies in a wide frequency range (from 0.2 kHz to 1.0 MHz), high penetration depth and unique sensitivity to subsurface defects of different types (like elongated fatigue cracks or local corrosive pitting), and a high level of specific noise suppression concerned with the scanning inspection procedures. The EC probes proposed were investigated as effective tools for characteristic aircraft applications concerned with subsurface defect detection in multilayer structures, such as the detection of cracks in the second layer of a riveted two-layer structure or cracks initiated on the side surface of a multilayer structure with the suppression of the reinforcing hoop influence; the detection of subsurface defects in arc welding with a rough surface; the detection of cracks through repair patches fabricated from aluminum alloy or carbon fiber reinforced plastic, etc. These techniques create remarkable possibilities for the well-timed detection of dangerous damage without disassembling the aircraft structure or removing protective coating.

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