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CFD Analysis of the Fluid Particles Distribution by Means of Aviation Technique


The article describes a computational study, using CFD models, of droplet spray dispersal in the wake of a ‘Turbo Kruk’ airplane up to 500 m downstream. The CFD Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) models use a Lagrangian (droplet phase) and Eulerian (fluid phase) procedure to predict the droplet trajectories trough the turbulent aircraft wake. The methods described in the work have the potential to improve current models for aerial spraying and will help in the development of new spraying procedures. In this study, the CFD models are used to describe the phenomenon of sprays released from atomizers mounted on the plane. A parametric study of the aircraft model examines the effects of crosswind on the aircraft’s vortex structures and the resulting droplet trajectories. The study shows, that such influence is underestimated in the current models. A comparison of the present results to AGDISP predictions is provided.

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