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Socio-Judicial Intervention at the Risk of the Incident: Autopsy of an Administrative Investigation Report

   | 12. Juli 2022


Against the backdrop of a strengthening of security concerns in the context of contemporary penalties (Feeley and Simon 1992; Garland 2001), this article takes as its subject the administrative investigation report written following a recent tragic incident in French-speaking Switzerland (“the Payerne drama”). It aims to analyse the discursive functioning of this document and the performative effects that the scripting of the production of security, organised therein, has on socio-judicial supervision practices.

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Sozialwissenschaften, Soziologie, Soziologische Theorie, Methoden, Techniken, Statistiken, Sozialstruktur, soziales Leben, Bevölkerung, Sozialanthropologie, Allgemeines