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Factorial Survey Experiments in the Sociology of Education. Potentials, Pitfalls, Evaluation

   | 29. März 2022


The potentials and pitfalls of factorial survey experiments (FSE) are discussed for empirical tests of theoretical explanations in the sociology of education. The possibilities and limits of FSE are outlined in relation to the internal validity, construct validity, and external validity of the obtained results and illustrated using an example experiment on the decision of university students to study abroad. It is demonstrated that FSE are an enriching complement to laboratory and field experiments, and observational studies.

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3 Hefte pro Jahr
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Sozialwissenschaften, Soziologie, Soziologische Theorie, Methoden, Techniken, Statistiken, Sozialstruktur, soziales Leben, Bevölkerung, Sozialanthropologie, Allgemeines