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The new renaissance of family medicine: Myth or reality


Renaissance is the term used for the societal movement that marked the end of the Middle Ages. With the development of science came the rediscovery of the works and values of ancient scholars. This brought enormous development in all areas of society, including education. Man became the measure of all things, humanism became important again, and there was a blossoming of science and art.

The ‘renaissance of family medicine’ took place approximately 50 years ago as a response to over-technical (even inhumane) medicine. Family medicine focused on the patient and was, as such, rediscovered and developed as a scientific discipline.

In 2022 Wonca Europe launched a new document that set out the core values of family medicine, initiating a discussion about the ‘new’ renaissance of family medicine. The idea implies that, due to the changes brought about by rapid technical advances and recent global events, family medicine will develop further. However, the really intriguing question is whether these rapid and dramatic changes will actually result in a new renaissance of family medicine or whether they will result in its decline.

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