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Sizing of an Autonomous Individual Solar Water Heater Based in Oran, Algeria


The study concerns an autonomous individual solar water heater installed in the Oran region in Algeria. Supplied by two sources of solar thermal and photovoltaic energy, this solar water heater provides domestic hot water for the needs of an average family of 6 people. A comparative approach was made to find the most adequate solution between increasing the surface area of the thermal solar panel or those of the photovoltaic panels, by analyzing the solar fraction and the efficiency of the thermal panels. The choice was make for a thermal panel with a surface area of 4 m2 and complete with 16 photovoltaic panels, thus resulting in a total surface area of 14 m2 to obtain an autonomous solar water heater powered only by solar energy. Another option was considered by incorporating a photovoltaic thermal panel, and substantial savings were found.

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