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Application of GFRP Reinforcement in the Design of Concrete Structures and its Experimental Evaluation


In the past, research on the use of FRP in civil engineering has been focused on strengthening existing structures where FRP reinforcements were applied to the surface of concrete elements. Recently, the application of FRP reinforcements has been studied to replace steel reinforcements for use in areas of increased environmental loads, with a need to exclude the corrosion of the reinforcement or to ensure the electromagnetic neutrality of the individual elements of the load-bearing structure. The GFRP reinforcement ratio was verified considering failure modes in flexure and the bond of the GFRP reinforcement with concrete. Besides classical reinforcements, GFRP has also been used in prestressed variants, and the possibility of its use as permanent formwork has been verified. In terms of extending the use of non-metallic reinforcements, it is important to note the long-term exposure and possible degradation of the mechanical properties.

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