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Why Generation Z is Redefining the HRM Processes

   | 24. Jan. 2022


Factors such as globalization and demographic changes have led to major challenges in the processes of human resource management. Based on the literature review, we found that these factors affected the purpose of the HRM processes, leading, at the same time, to a stronger strategic management and to new HRM practices. A major challenge facing companies today is based on generational diversity, which means that more and more generations have joined the labor market and a lot of companies. The interest of researchers and practitioners for this topic has increased considerably because they try to find ways to better understand the characteristics of each generation, which enters the labor market with new needs, values and motivations. The overall purpose of the paper is to identify which are some of the most important characteristics of each generation and also to analyze the impact that the new generation which entered the labour market in the last years or will enter it in the foreseeable future, Generation Z, has on the HRM processes. The methodology used in the study consisted in analyzing secondary data, which arose from international databases and journals, using the methods of analysis, comparison, classification and synthesis. Also, in order to provide an overview of the researched topic, a series of studies, surveys, interviews conducted by specialized companies were reviewed. Through the conducted research we want to show that each new generation that enters the labour market brings certain changes. Also, we want to analyze why it is important that the HRM processes be elaborated and implemented, while taking into account some ways of optimizing and adapting them to the challenges created by the most indispensable resource of a company, the human resource.