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European Banking System - Before and After Brexit -


The history of the last 15 years has been marked by many events at European level, some which led to the last wave of EU enlargement in 2013, with the accession of Croatia, others that led European authorities to take radical action in order to overcome the crisis of 2007-2008, and recently the pandemic crisis of 2020, and the others that marked the first contraction of the European Union since its establishment, together with the decision of Great Britain to no longer be part of the European Union, a phenomenon known as Brexit. Starting from the important role that Great Britain played in the European Union, London being a famous financial and banking center, through this paper we propose to analyze the evolution of the banking system before and after Brexit, in order to highlight the impact that the Brits’ decision had on the European Union banking system. The broad context of the impact of Brexit on the European banking system, which has effects on both British and EU banks, will also be analyzed in this paper.